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Products & Technology

Natural Fiber Based Plant Bags

Natural fiber ( Siniya, Khimp, Coconut, Moonj) based bags offer multiple advantages over traditional plastic black bags like High UV Protection, More Aeration , No need to remove bag before planting as it is naturally biodegradable, No plastic pollution bag ,High Moisture retention capacity , Bag material act as source of Nutrition for plant once it is embedded in the soil. Different designs , size and shape can be designed as per requirement,  It is manufactured by local artisans and is 100% biodegradable after its life time.


Sub Surface Porous Vessel for Irrigation

Sub Surface Porous Vessel SSPV is sort of revival ancient pitcher irrigation technology. With proper scientific knowledge and continuous research porous vessel has been redesigned to make it durable ,water efficient and easy to manufacture. Product is specifically  innovated keeping in mind end user i.e., Farmers.

This technology don't require any energy during operation ( irrigation) as water flows under action of gravity. The seepage rate is optimized to enhance water use efficiency with use of minimum water. It is manufactured by local potters and is 100% biodegradable after its life time.


Irrigation and drainage Engineering


In order to enhance water application and nutrition value of soil mound cropping was developed with use of porous vessel which is highly valuable for horticulture practices. So more water and area is available for cropping and principle conservation agriculture is also applied in this technology. 

Remediation of Saline Soil

With diminishing per capita availability of portable water, low grade water ( having high concentration of salts) is used for irrigation specially in arid regions. 

Special vessel has been developed to remediate saline soils with minimum use of water. Thus conventional methods like prolonged ponding can be replaced with special vessel to remediate saline soils and use highly saline soils to grow medium salt tolerant crops easily. . 

Sub-surface Porous Pipe Irrigation

This technology was designed to provide micro irrigation for plantation agriculture. Water seeps out slowly from pipes laid out near root zone along with water soluble nutrients added to it. Clay tile drainage is sustainable, durable solution for plantation agriculture in arid regions . It is manufactured by local potters and is 100% biodegradable after its life time.

Land reclamation using subsurface drainage

This technology was designed to provide adequate drainage in water logged areas to reduce water table level as well as improve aeration in underground root zone. Clay tiles ensure optimum drainage with zero plastic contamination in soil. 

Training to transfer Technology 

We provide training at different locations on request at nominal cost to transfer technology and help local potter community to develop SSPV and other products. 

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