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Mound +Porous vessel =Conservation agriculture 2019

This work was one of our work in which mound based micro irrigation system was worked upon using SSPV to conserve both nutrients as well as water. System worked well for USAR soils on Rajasthan where both nutrients and water are available in limited amount . Using concept of conservation agriculture with SSPV based irrigation system comparatively high yields were obtained .


SSPV based mound irrigation at Arna Jharna Museum, Jodhpur 2019

SSPV installation at IIT Jodhpur 2020


SPPV based mound irrigation system was installed in campus of IIT Jodhpur to have mixed cropping for horticulture . 


Modified Porous Vessel Installation with tunnel technology during summers 2021

Kitchen Garden developed with modified Porous Vessel at Samaj Kalyan Hostel Jodhpur

Tunnel technology based SPPV based mound irrigation system was installed in campus of IIT Jodhpur to have good yield even during summers when temperature reaches above 45 degree Celsius . Canopy provided relief from direct sunlight, excessive transpiration and protection from native rabbits and rodents.


Technology transfer & Training of local potters for manufacturing at BHIM Rajsamand-2021

Technology transfer to local potters is one of our chief focus to reduce product cost, reconnect farmer with potter and provide local employment . We conduct regular training sessions  in association with NGO, Government organization and local bodies to train local potters about manufacturing process. Indigenously designed hand operated machine  not only helps to improve quality but also increase manufacturing rate for SSPV. 


Subsurface Porous tiles for micro irrigation 2021

with good technical backend and resources ceramic bases drainage tiles were developed with twin purpose of irrigation as well drainage . This pilot project was installed in IIT Jodhpur campus 

Mixed cropping using SSPV at Bhim -2022


Reclamation of flood lands  and irrigation using clay tiles - Alappuzha Kerala 2022


Ceramic based subsurface tiles were installed at several locations in  Alappuza Kerala to drain excessive water during monsoon and use same method during arid season to irrigate crops in vicinity of drains tiles. such versatile solutions are necessary in changing global sceanrio where floods and draughts at same location are becoming natural phenomenon.


Pilot project for Subsurface clay drainage tiles for micro irrigation in Rajasthan-2022

Ceramic based subsurface tiles were installed at several locations in Jodhpur city to provide drip based micro irrigation for hedges and other arboriculture plants which have high esthetic appeal but have high water footprint in terms of daily consumption. Long life and sustainable plastic free solutions are key feature of our product.

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